Vero Beach Buses

KJ and Dy on the city bus
After a day of fun in the sun, plus walking more than 3 miles, what does one do in a new city without a car? Ride the FREE public bus!

Vero Beach has a wonderful bus system for folks to move about the area, and it is FREE. Yes, really free ... like cost nothing.  There is a donation box for those wanting to put money in (I did give a buck), but nothing is expected.

Known as the "Go Line", the Go Line Bus System has 14 routes throughout the county.  They run from 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday, and reduced hours on Saturday.  Oh, they are free! (I love free).

KJ, Dy, and I headed out at 10AM to see where the bus went.  KJ brought along her field notebook to take notes of our finds.  We found a Publix, West Marine, a number of restaurants, and more.  The driver of the bus was a fantastic helpful guy who himself had lived aboard a boat at one point.  He and his wife docked at Vero Beach and decided they liked it so much they became residents.  We can't blame them. (Vero Beach is known as Velcro Beach because many folks get "stuck" here).

After riding the bus its entire loop, we got back to relay the findings to Val.  For lunch we all hopped back onto the bus and hit the local mall.  A fancy lunch at Chic-Fil-a was in store for us.

On the way back, Dy had an "accident" (read between the lines for a 3 year old being potty trained and wearing big girl panties).  Fortunately the very next stop of the bus we were on was WalMart, so we decided to hop off and not subject the rest of the passengers to Dy's freshly created aroma.  After a quick change, we did some light shopping and then got back on the bus to get back to the boat for a nap.

It was a great day all around.