Family Day At The Park

Flower crown at the park (made by Dad)

A 5 minute dinghy ride away from Ortega Yacht Club Marina is great little park called Stinson Park & Baker Point.  It has a few slides, great climbing challenges, 2 swings (one for baby and one for kids), super grassy areas, wonderful shade coverage, plenty of park benches, and 5 picnic tables. The only down side of the park is that there are no bathrooms.  Be that as it may, we had a lot of fun.

KJ and Dy were totally ready for a day at the park, and were quick to jump in with the neighborhood kids.
KJ making a new friend

Cool looking Dy checking out the action
We packed a picnic of sandwiches, pretzels, water, soda, and M&Ms.

Val met a number of other moms whom were very gracious. One even offered us a ride to WalMart! :)

All went well until we left the park when our family station wagon engine wouldn't go into gear.  The engine would start fine, but forward wouldn't engage.  Good thing I practiced Gondola mode back at Cumberland Island! Now to figure out whats up with the dinghy engine.