Jacksonville, FL to Vero Beach FL : Day 1 : 1 Wrong Turn

Our neighbor for the night... we hope he keeps it down

Leg 2, Day 1
Jacksonville, FL to Vero Beach, FL : 1 Wrong Turn

Today was uneventful.... and that is great! Today was the easiest day of the journey thus far. Departing the marina was incredibly easy, and we were fortunate that Paul H came out and send us off. Thank you again Paul!!!

The challenges today included 1 wrong turn (which was quickly recognized and corrected before we ended up out of the ICW) and 1 tricky bridge. The bridge was tricky only because it was narrow and at the bend of a river making the currents very swift. As I motored the boat through, it felt “squirrelly” a few times.

Tonight we are anchoring up in a fantastic little area just off the ICW. There are 3 other boats sharing the anchorage with us, although they all chose to anchor closer to the ICW itself. We tucked in quite far taking advantage of our shallow draft. Our immediate neighbor was a bird. 

The only downfall of the day was that Dy peed in her big girl panties 3 times today. The first time in 5 days. It is probably due to us having spent the day motoring and away from the marina.

Total time going down the ICW today was 8 hours and 40 minutes. We cover 42.64 miles and burned about 8 gallons of gasoline.