Fuel Run

Getting Ready For a Fuel Run
One of my jobs on the boat is to ensure we have enough fuel.  So just before leaving Jacksonville, I loaded up the dinghy to make a run to a near by marina to load up our gas cans.

Based on the fuel we had used, it was going to take me 2 runs to Lambs marina.  Normally one would simply fill up at the marina they are normally in, but the Ortega Yacht Club Marina no longer sells gas.

Off to get Gas
This was the first time we've needed to fuel up since leaving on our trip.

All went well except for one thing .... and this one thing required me to have to do the next round of fueling on foot!!! Talk about heavy ... each can, when full, weights over 30 pounds! What could have been so bad as to make me walk a mile for gas?  You will see tomorrow!