Bryson, Melissa, Austin, and Emmy Visit


Austin and Emmy hanging out with KJ and Dy

Today we had special visitors! Bryson and Melissa, friends of ours from Atlanta GA, happened to be passing through Jacksonville and paid us a visit.  This was great as it meant that KJ could reunite with a couple of her friends, Austin and Emmy.

Byson and Bill catching up

Emmy and Dy discussing world politics
KJ drawing a picture for Melissa to guess at
After showing the boat, we all headed to lunch
It is good to see old friends

And sad to say good bye

It was fantastic to see some of our good friends from Atlanta.  They brought a lot of positive energy with them, and it was good for KJ and Dy to play with their friends again.  Thanks for visiting Bryson, Melissa, Austin, and Emmy! Who knows where we will rendezvous next?!