Update - Moving On

Dear Diary,

3 months ago today we shared that we were taking a big step back and re-evaluating everything.  I'm happy to share that we've completed our review and are fully entrenched in our next phase of life.

Since the last writing, we've traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, and Loas, boated up the Mekong river, rode a motorcycle from Iowa to Georgia, went to Disney 2 more times, gone camping in a canyon (twice), hung out on St. Simon's island, took a cruise to Cozumel (only to be re-routed to the Bahamas when we were 50 miles off shore from Mexico), and sold Ariel. Yes, we sold our beloved boat.  We held a giant ceremony to capture her spirit in a container, which we now have, and we will be releasing her spirit in our apartment very soon.

KJ and Dy have both been enrolled in school and that starts tomorrow morning.

Val has re-started her small business support services company (Forge Power LLC) and I've started a Life Coaching practice (XXXLifeCoaching.com)  that is focused on helping people achieve their goals.

Life is wonderful, and we are still having fun.  We do miss the boating life, but we learned that for our family, at this time, the dynamics just weren't right.  That's okay, we move on.  We don't live in the past, we live in the now.

There are many lessons from this adventure, and one of the best ones is an affirmation of something we realized in the pursuit of the goal: if it didn't work out, no big deal we would just pick up the pieces and make a new picture.  Please don't let the fear of failure or our inability to execute stop any reader of this blog from attempting a grand goal.... the worst that can happen is you don't achieve the goal, at least on that attempt. ;)

Our family has settled back in the fine city of Atlanta GA, in our own little place.  Our family and friends have been super, extending their homes, support, and love.

Well, that's about it diary... our lives are so incredible .... what shall be the next goal our family goes after???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....