Welcome to the SBF Diary

Those whom have been with us since the beginning know that we've had a blog before (Pre-Trip Blog). After writing blog posts for over a year, and never missing a single day, we found that we didn't like the formality or periodicity of it.  Val and I decided that instead of a blog we would create a diary.

For us, a diary is much more relaxed and informal.  We want this online diary to serve as a chronicle of our adventures, capturing our thoughts for ourselves and our children.  In the previous blog we were writing to share information with, and for, others. In this diary, we are writing only for ourselves.

There will be no schedule of journal entries posted here. Many days will have no entries, and many entries will post on a single day. When the mood strikes, posts will be made.

The form of entries will be variant and laden with grammatical challenges to convention. Further, colorful language will most definitely show up.  Sometimes nothing better describes a situation than, "Oh, Fuck."

As with any diary, what is captured here is a collection of our personal thoughts, opinions, beliefs, perspectives, ideas, philosophies, and the like. We are not interested in others opinions of our words, nor their take on our posts veracity.  This is our journal that captures the world as we are perceiving it and experiencing it at the moment we chronicled it.

Val and I discussed whether we should even make this diary public.  We are still on the fence about it, but it is an easy matter to shut off access or restrict it to only a few people.

If you derive some value from our inner dialog captured in this diary, that is a happy coincidence and we ask that you buy us a round of ice cream.  Each scoop is another ball of encouragement. :)