JagDog! in Jacksonville, FL

J.A.G.DOG Jon and his hot dog stand
Another walkable gem we found close by Ortega Yacht Club Marina in Jacksonville, FL was Jon and his "J.A.G. Dog" hot dog stand.  (J.A.G. = Just Another Great)

Jon of JAG Dog

Jon is out Monday - Saturday, in the same spot, from about 11AM until 5PM.  He offers some fantastic hot dogs, cooked right on the grill and made to order.  For $1 you get a regular dog with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish.   A great deal especially with little kids whom love hot dogs!

Jon's super deal is his Hot Dog buffet, for $5 you get all you can eat hot dogs plus chips and a can of soda.  Jon told us that many folks do the buffet meal.

Jon telling KJ she is wearing her dog
KJ and Dy loved the hot dogs and wanted more so we sent KJ up to get another couple of dogs from Jon.  Jon hold KJ she was wearing her dog, and KJ busted out laughing.  There was a bit of Ketchup on her face.

Jon wiping off KJ's face
Jon is a fantastic host, and was very gracious about what to do in the immediate area.  If you find you are near Roosevelt Blvd and Lakeside Drive in Jacksonville, you would be well served to stop by Jon's place.

From the Google Earth view, you can even see Jon's stand!