Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie Freeman, Dy, and KJ
While we prepared for this trip, there were a number of Internet forums that Val and I joined.  One that I became a member of is called "Living Aboard." The focus of the forum is living aboard your boat, from the perspective of those doing it, those whom had done it, and those whom want to do it.  This is the most positive, congenial forum I've ever been a member of.

Of the many seasoned water way veterans that tread the board, one guy in particular stands out as very funny.... Captain Charlie Freeman.  Charlie is a licensed USCG Master Captain whom will get your boat from point A to point B.  He has done all sorts of other commercial boating activities to include fishing. Charlie also happens to live in Jacksonville, FL and so I asked if he would stop by.

Captain Charlie came over, met the kids, and Val asked him a billion questions about going South.  His detailed, local "Been There Done That" knowledge is incredible.  We are very grateful for his time and obvious experience.

Captain Charlie's Prowess as a Grandpa came through
If we find ourselves in some weird predicament with our boat, there is zero doubt about whom we would call.

If you find you need someone to help you transfer your boat over a waterway, you really need to reach out to Captain Charlie.  His number is: 904-704-3627 ... and tell him the Sailboat Family said Hi!