Quickie Snubber Line

Quickie Makeshift Snubber Line

Our main, number 1, anchor is equipped with 100 ft of 5/16 BBB chain.  Really good and really heavy, especially for our sized boat.

When setting the anchor, best practice is to pay out 4-7 lengths of your anchoring line to stay put.... but when you are in 3 feet of water, even 7 lengths results in only 21 feet.  No big deal other than with 100 ft of chain, that means we have all chain between us and our anchor making for a very jarring experience when the boat moves around.

So what does one do? You add a snubber line.

The first night of anchoring we made one that would suffice.  We simply tied some line between a link of chain and the cleat.  When the boat jerked around (due to current, wakes, or winds), all the jarring was removed as it was absorbed by the line. If the line were to break, we still had the chain itself connected to the boat.

Those 2 marks on the chain (yellow and white), indicate 40 feet of chain.