Ortega Yacht Club Marina in Jacksonville, FL

Paul Howe (Dockmaster OYCM), Lady Bug, KJ, and Dy
The concluding point of Leg 1, Savannah GA to Jacksonville FL, was Ortega Yacht Club Marina (OYCM).  We found the marina though an ad in one of the guide books we used to help us get down the Intercoastal Waterway.

OYCM was one of a few different places Val called while we were at our last anchorage.  OYCM's Dockmaster, Paul Howe, was the most friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Our plan was to stay at OYCM only for a couple of days, to re-provision us and the boat.  However, after just a few days, we found out what a true gem this marina is and then we elected to go ahead and stay a week.  As the week came to an end, we fueled up, watered up, and got food aboard the boat for Leg 2.  The weather decided for us that we would stay another few days.  This put us into a date zone that Dy's birthday could be celebrated at Disney if we stayed just a few more! This put us at a total of 2 weeks!! And we enjoyed each day very very much.

We cannot thank Paul enough for all his great help.  He treated us so well, and made us feel a part of the marina.  His knowledge of the area, plus the areas we would be cruising very soon, we so appreciated. Paul is the man!

If you are looking to stay in the Jacksonville area for a few days, the OYCM has got our SailboatFamily seal of approval. We would most definitely come back and stay here.

Here are the Pros:
  1. Paul
  2. The restrooms/showers were always clean and working
  3. 2 courtesy bikes
  4. Rates for marina were outstanding
  5. Walking distance to Publix, West Marine, Pier 17 (another marine store), a number of restaurants, and 2 playgrounds (one is 0.25 mile away, one is 1 mile away)
  6. Enterprise Car Rental really close (I walked over)
Here are the Cons:
  1. 4 hours off the Intercoastal waterway (at SailboatFamily speed anyway)
  2. No Gas/Diesel at the marina (you can easily dinghy, or walk, to another marina that has fuel)
Here are the Neutrals:
  1. Only 1 shower for men, only 1 shower for women
  2. Only 1 stall and 1 urinal for men, 2 stalls for women
  3. Only 1 washer, but 2 dryers