Chamblin Bookmine in Jacksonville, FL
Still going through withdrawals from the great book purge, excitement coursed through my veins when a 5th person told me about Chamblin Bookmine book store.  Being bound to transportation by foot power only, ones options are quite limited.... and having Bookmine be within reach is a true treat.

Floor to ceiling and aisles and aisles of books! 
This place is FANTASTIC! So many good used books on every topic!

More books
 The Chamblin Bookmine website contains a partial catalog of books in their inventory and they will send them to you.

So many good juicy books
The bookstore warranted multiple visits of course.  I'm quite limited in what books I bring along, due to the carrying capacity of our boat, so judicious selection is key.

This is another place near Ortega Yacht Club Marina that is worth a visit.