Jacksonville, FL to Vero Beach FL : Day 3 : Private Beach

Small beach KJ, Dy, and I played on for a few hours

Leg 2, Day 3
Jacksonville, FL to Vero Beach, FL : Private Beach Visit

3 Days in a row of no big issues! This could be a trend!!!

Today we made our way to Daytona beach. Our original anchorage for the night was quite crowded and didn't seem to offer as much as it appeared to on the map, from a “let's get out” perspective. We elected to continue south looking for another spot. We ended up in a great place about another mile down the ICW.

Dy, KJ, and I headed off on the dingy (rowing of course!) for a seemingly deserted little island that had lots of sand. The quarter mile row was easy and we played on the beach from 11 until 12:30. During that time, Val cleaned the boat and prepared lunch. By 1:15, we were eating grilled hamburgers and sitting on the front of the boat enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Daytona.
View 1 from Daytona anchorage

View 2 from Daytona anchorage

View 3 from Daytona anchorage

After lunch, it was family nap time and then the evening went into KJ and Dy schooling mode. After dinner, we sat outside and watched the sunset while a few dolphins played on the side of our boat. With the sun down, it was movie time and we watched a Star Trek movie, the Wrath of Khan. Ahh, it was good … and we were treated during the movie intermission to a wonderful fireworks display.

Another good day. We continue South tomorrow morning before all the Saturday Daytona beach boaters come out and blast up and down the ICW.