Provisioning via Miata

Totally full!
With Val's dad visiting, we had access to a vehicle! Score! Time to make a run and load up.  Funny thing was, Val's dad drives a Miata!

At Sam's Club
In another stoke of luck, Sam's Club happened to be having their "try us out" membership drive going on.  (note: After the hassle we went through with whomever was the person in charge of the check out lines, we don't plan on being members.  What an asshole.  Anyway, we sure did load up!)

Miata Trunk Loaded Up
We also swung by a Walmart to get a few other things Sam's Club didn't have.

Can't See Out The Back
And we were on our way! Setting up for our jump to the Bahamas, we had read and heard that certain things are hard to get over there. Once we run out of this stuff, we will be eating local!