Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL : Day 7 : Submarines

Kings Bay Navel Submarine Base

One of many patrols to pass us

Leg 1 : Day 7 (22MAR11)

Today was a long day, covering 37 miles in 7 hours.

The most fascinating part was transiting the Kings Bay Navel center, the home of 6 Trident Nuclear submarines.  The area is heavily patrolled and
Our navigation system showing Kings Bay as a security zone.
monitored.  We listened as lots of pleasure craft were hailed by the Navy and Coast Guard folks.  We were never called, and I'd like to think this was because my obvious good captaining (and following every channel rule, no erratic course adjustments, and slow speed).

We also crossed a number of commercial traffic lanes, a first for us. Watching the ferry go back and forth, plus seeing tugs go back and forth was really cool.  We also saw some awesome looking dredgers, with 4 smoke stacks. We were a part of the water way show today, and it felt good.

Great Lakes Dredge And Rock Company Dredging Vessel

As the hours drew long, we decided to find an anchorage just off the ICW, marker 55.  The little place we tucked ourselves into is very very shallow. We are totally taking advantage of our 18 inch draft tonight!  In the water we can hear all sorts of creatures..... ones we've not heard before. They sound like underwater wood peckers. I sure hope they don't eat through the hull.

Tomorrow our plan is to make landfall in Jacksonville Florida.