Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL : Day 5 : By the Numbers

Is the bridge high enough?

Leg 1 : Day 5 (20MAR11)

26.2 miles covered (a marathon!)
2 bridges
1 catamaran
3 islands
2 sounds
1 horse
7 sea kayakers
12 dolphins
83 pelicans
171 seagulls

It was listed as 65 feet!

On the way over, we crossed under 2 bridges. That was a first for us.
The bridges listed their clearance as 65 feet, and our above water
mast height is 45 feet.  Regardless, it was still one of those pucker
moments as we went under.  Talk about a potential disaster!

Cumberland Island is one of those islands with horses roaming free. We
were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of one of the horses grazing
near the banks.  Quite a treat.
On the look out for horses on Cumberland Island

Tonight we are anchoring up behind Cumberland Island.  The Atlantic is
just on the other side and we can hear its low rumble.  The moon is
full and providing an amazing dark orange glow.

After anchoring for the day, at around 4pm, 7 sea kayaks, with their
pilots in them, slowly paddled by.  I nearly offered them a drink, but
they were doing their own thing.  They pulled their kayaks up on shore
and are spending the night.  Pretty cool for them!

Tomorrow the plan is to stay put for the day and rest.  We need to do
some more schooling with KJ, plus we want to go explore the island

Breakfast was, you guessed it, oatmeal! :) Plus Frosted Flakes.  Lunch
was Asian pasta (e.g. ramien noodles). Dinner was burritos.