Lights may come on!

Here is the light that has decided to hold us up a few days.  It normally sits atop the mast, but we had to take it down to investigate what was going on.  After lots of testing by the boatyard people and by us, we are convinced that the light is simply broken and that there is nothing wrong with our wiring.

Here is the story as it is today:
Val spent yesterday trying to get in touch with Orcagreen, the company that manufactured our mast light.  She left messages, but they never got back to her.  Val then called SailorsSolutions, the online company we bought our light through, and she talked an incredibly helpful person named Nick.  Through the conversation Val learned that there were talks between Orcagreen and other LED mast light companies (Signalmate and another) to create a whole new company.

Val then called SignalMate and talked with the SignalMate owner, Dave, and verified that a new company was indeed forming.  The new organization is called MiSea.  Dave then did something awesome, he offered to honor the warranty of Orcagreen and send us one of his companies products as a replacement .... not only that, but that he would cover the cost of overnighting the light to us so we could get on our journey!!! THANK YOU DAVE and SignalMate!!!

Today our new light may arrive, and the fantastic folks at Sail Harbor Marina Boatyard will install it.  This would allow us to push off tomorrow morning, just after high tide.

We are simply going with the flow.... to do otherwise would just result in being tired and frustrated. :)