And it isn't a train!!!

The light came in as promised by Dave. :)

Randy has installed our light. Thank you Randy! (Randy is one of the amazing boatyard guys at SailHarbor Marina that can do anything.  We've learned a lot from him, and we are fortunate to have met him.)

High tide tomorrow morning is at 5:45AM.

Our plan is to be pushing off the dock as soon as sunrise happens and ride the tide out to sea! We will finally be making some miles South.

We will go South for 4 or so hours and see how we feel. Maybe we will keep going, maybe we will stop and anchor for the night.  Who knows!?!

We will be using our Spot tracking satellite system to let everyone know that we are fine.

No clue about Wifi access as we go, so some of the blog updates may be spotty or of some of the other material we had wanted to share that we've queued up.

For the Virtual Crew members, we've been updating the Virtual Crew member only data page with lots of the details.   Enjoy!