First Night

After a 6 hour drive, we arrived at Sail Harbor Marina at 4pm and boarded Ariel for the first time as full time residents.

We all wanted to celebrate, alas everyone was so tired after the weeks of pushing so hard and the long drive today.  By 8:20pm, Val, KJ, and Dy were asleep.  Our celebration activity was a pizza from Papa Johns. I had an adult beverage to spice up my celebration a bit.

There is a lot in Aunt II's car still to unpack.  The car was so full, in fact, that Val had to sit on stuff for the whole ride.

It is very hard to believe we are now fulfilling our dream.  We spent years planning and saving to make this possible, and now it is really here. Like really, really real. Incredible. Surreal. It is like a dream state.  Maybe that is from the tequila.  Time to go to bed. :)