Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL : Day 4 : Sailing in my underwear

Leg 1 : Day 4 (19MAR11)

After pulling anchor, we headed out of Tom Sawyer land further down
south.  We had to make it through Little Mud River during high tide,
otherwise the depth would have made it possible for us to run aground
(even in our catamaran).

During the transit through Little Mud River, we experienced our first
Ship to Ship hail.  Someone heading northbound asked if we had a
reflector at the top of our mast, or perhaps did we leave the anchor
light on.  A quick check of our circuit panel showed that the anchor
light was off, so we suggested it was just the angle of the light.
This back and forth helped assure us that our radio system works as it

Our intent today was to make it to Altahama river to anchor for the
night, a nice 16 mile boating day (just on the other side of
Buttermilk Sound).  However, we had made such good time through that
we elected to keep going and make it down to Fort Frederica, on the
North end of Saint Simon's island.

At ICW Mile Marker 666, flashing green 229 shows up indicating our
river to the fort.  We went port, around the sand bar, and made it
into the river.  We wound our way back near the fort and anchored up
around 1pm.  The river is muddy making anchoring really nice and easy.
 The current was running pretty strong when we set up.

There are lots of homes along this water way, some are incredible.
Along with homes, of course, come the other boats and we've been
buzzed by many of them.

The big meal today was burritos.  They were fantastic.

I wanted to wear shorts today, but the "clean" shorts are packed way
deep so into underwear mode I went.  I boated for about 2.5 miles
wearing wonderful black underwear.  Very liberating for sure.... and
there really isn't much difference between underwear and shorts other
than how we choose to label it.   As the Coast Guard patrol boat went
by, I was sure my underwearniss was completely obvious as we all waved
as we passed.  Lots of smiles, and looks of awe, from the coast guard
folks. ;)