Vero Beach FL to West Palm Beach FL : Day 1 : Computers and Ft. Peirce FL

Leg 3, Day 1
Vero Beach, FL to West Palm Beach, FL : Ft. Pierce

After a week at Vero Beach, it was time to move on.  The area is fantastic, but we need to make it down to West Palm Beach to make the jump to the Bahamas (West End).

Would we have a buzz or not? That was the big question.  We wouldn't know until an hour or so had passed.

Shaun, one of the dock hands at Vero Beach, helped us push off and I must say I did the backing out as an old pro.  We left without incident and made our way under the bridge.

Val began KJ's schooling stuff while Dy sat with me in the cockpit. Dy told me multiple times to stop Mommys boat and bring it back.  She really doesn't like leaving a place. The familiarity of some place is very important to her. We've begun to really understand that about her.

After an hour of motoring, no Buzz! Wahoo!!! 

2 hours in, no buzz. :)

After a few hours, Val got on the phone and called around; we decided that we would stop at Ft. Pierce.  We could stop there, at a marina, and home base a few days before the jump.    

We pulled in at Harbortown Marina, a nice big facility with walkable access to many boat stores.