Bye Bye Buick

The car tags were due to expire last week, so we faced a dilemma: renew the cars for another year or sell them and go car less.  We decided to go 50/50; we renewed Val's Hyundai, and sold my Buick.  As when I sold my dune buggy, the letting go was harder than I thought it would be.

Driving away, watching the Buick sitting there on the car lot, it felt like we were leaving a family member behind.  5 years of wonderful memories streamed through me; the new baby coming home, trips to Disney, celebrating a promotion, and more very personal moments were relived in a flash.  Val and I both felt the sadness tug as the Buick waved good bye in our rear view mirror.  Only a few words were exchanged on the way home, and KJ beautifully asked why we were leaving daddy's car.  “It is time for it to go KJ, daddy sold it so we can take our trip.”

We wish the black Buick Rainier well and ask that its future owner take good care of it.  The Buick will create a world of wonderful memories for you too.  Bye bye Buick. Thank you.