Troubleshooting and Thinning

Over the past couple of days, 3 electronic devices have some sort of issue. The range of issues include: dead, lost to the sea, and lens error. Fortunately, repairing/replacing these device has not cost us one penny.

Direct TV is sending us a free dvr, ours died over the holidays. My iPhone was lost to Poseidon on Christmas eve, tomorrow I will obtain a new sim card for a Quad band phone that was gifted to me. Finally, my Nikon camera that had a lens error was fixed by accident. I was using the vacuum cleaner hose to clean some sand out of the camera crevices and decided to turn it on the lens. The vacuum did the trick. The lens error must have been caused by some debris (sand). In any case, I don't have to send the to Nikon for repair and pay the shipping cost.

Thinning continues. It is amazing how much stuff we have in our 2 bedroom apartment. None of the closets were stuffed or overflowing and we don't have stuff stacked everywhere, but we have tossed over 30 bags of stuff to the garbage, sold a SUV load of stuff at the swap meet, and have donated at least 2 SUV full of stuff to Goodwill. This does not include the 6 tubs of keep stuff we pulled out to store at Jen's, Bill and my clothes, kitchen stuff, and furniture that has to be sold. Now I understand why estate sales sell stuff by the box/bin.